Lion Law provides an extensive range of Legal Services to Domestic and NRI (Non-Resident Indian) clients, keeping in mind the difficulties faced by them in search of a proper and efficient Advocate.

Legal Services that Loin Law provides for both domestic and International clients

Includes all disputes and matters related to property and estate planning, litigation between landlord and tenant including rent recovery, tenant eviction, standard rent determination, depositing rent in court, declaration of tenancy, bonafide requirement suit, and many more.
We also offer property management and real estate services, whereby we will find a tenant for your property and manage the tenancy on your behalf, including collecting rent, review rents, rental lease, and property management Pan India.
If you have agreed with a builder for an upcoming project and paid a huge sum of money for booking. If the builder has not completed the construction of the project and is not even ready to refund your amount. In these cases, you have a legal right for the complete refund of your amount with an interest from the date of payment.
In cases where fraudulently making title documents of the property for creating the title. In cases where someone has grabbed and taken over your property or your parental property by forging and making fraudulent documents, you need to immediately take action which involves civil and criminal proceedings against the wrongdoer.
If you are a victim of a breach of trust or misappropriation of the property where you paid money during a period of years for buying a property for your own use. However, it was bought in somebody’s else name and later that person started claiming the right and interest over the property disowning your title.
In cases involving the division of the property which was bequeathed by the parents or grandparents.In cases where your parent passed away intestate and your siblings are refusing to divide the assets equally, you have a right to partition.
Matters involving where you are an NRI residing abroad and your parent or grandparent passed away leaving behind the assets, whether in possession of your sibling or a third party.
Drafting and preparation of a legally sound Will and last Testament from all aspects.
Cases involving the execution of a Will.
Cases involving fraudulent and suspicious fabrication of a Will.
Probate of a Will or obtaining Succession Certificate & Letters of Administration.
Cases involving challenging a Will or filing objections to a Probate matter.
Lion Law provides an extensive range of legal services in the field of Immigration and Naturalization matters.
Most of the NRI’s living abroad face many difficulties in understanding and dealing with concerned authorities without formal and specific knowledge on the subject. Our Office helps these individuals to sort out their problems and have peace of mind in matters like obtaining Overseas Citizen of India (OCI Cards), marriage with a foreigner, business visa Issues, Indian citizenship Issues, and many other matters relating to Immigration and Naturalization. We also provide guidance and services to applicants living in India who intend to immigrate abroad.