Employement Law

The constitution of India is the corner stone of Individual rights and liberties and provides the basic framework within which all Laws in India. Including laws relating to labour and employment must operate. Labour and employment Laws are listed under the con-current list in the Constitution. The union parliament and state legislatures have co-equal powers to enact laws relating to all labour and employment matters in India.

In the employment laws there are varous laws enacted in India to protect the various rights of the employees/labureres/workers which are The Industrial Dispute Act 1947, The equal remuneration Act, 1976, Shop and commercial Establishment Act, Employment provident fund and Miscellaneous provisions Act 1952, Payment of Wages Act 1939, Factories Act 1948, Minimum wages Act 1948, Trade union Act, Sexual Harassment of women at Workplace (prevention, prohibition and redressal ) Act 2013, etc and many other laws applicable by the respective states.

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