Alternate Dispute Resolution (ADR)

Lion Law LLP Alternate Dispute Resolution (ADR)

Alternate Dispute Resolution (ADR)

In India, while proceeding with litigation the first thought comes in mind of any person is that “How much time it will take?”. As it is always considered to be time-consuming wherein ADR (Alternate Dispute Resolution) has a quick process. ADR covers Arbitration, Conciliation, and Mediation.

Lion Law LLP attorneys have significant experience in arbitration, offline and online mediation, and other forms of alternative dispute resolution. Our attorneys are recognized as experts in all areas of general and special practice, including finance, commerce, contractual, construction, domain name disputes, as well as industry and employment-related disputes.

Lion Law LLP actively represents clients on a gamut of litigations in India before various forums such as High Courts, Tribunals, Appellate, and Regulatory bodies. Our advocate's team advises clients on complex and commercial arbitration matters such as pre-arbitration strategy, settlement discussions, representation during arbitral proceedings, and recognition and enforcement of awards or challenges.

Lion Law LLP advocates have the experience to serve either side of the party in ADR

  • Arbitration The Arbitration proceeding is the process where parties engage in a transaction and have an Arbitration Agreement/Arbitration clause in the agreement, then they may choose to resolve the dispute privately by invoking the Arbitration Agreement/Arbitration Clause.
  • Mediation Mediation is a process to settle the dispute amicably where a third person or it can be said that an Independent or Impatial third person who assists the disputing party to resolve the dispute as per the due process of law.
  • Conciliation The Conciliation process is more or less it is like a mediation process but here an expert in disputed subject matter is appointed to resolve the dispute amicably.

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