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Commercial Law

Commercial Law

Lion Law provides legal assistance as well as strategic planning to companies in numerous economic industries within Corporate Law.

We are a Law firm driven by the relationship and Advocates we provide to our Clients around the world, regarding their most complex and important operations. We are in the vanguard of the creation of innovative structures to simplify the inherent complexities of corporate businesses; whether in already established markets or emerging ones. Lion Law’s experience and practice extend throughout all life stages of companies and throughout all markets, they may work in.

Good corporate governance is essential for the success of every business and every company. We take this fact as the core in the chain of the value we provide and in our role as trustworthy advisors. We are aware that each company has a different structure and distinct needs. This is the reason why we never settle nor standardize our counseling and solutions. We work to have the permanent belief that everything we do for our Clients is in harmony with what is required for their particular circumstances.

As a team, we take pride in attentively taking care of our clients’ daily needs and in helping them achieve their goals, whichever and wherever they may be.

If you give us the chance, your new partner will guide you through each step of the life stages of your company, ensuring that you fulfill all the legal and regulatory standards for your specific requirements. We hold teams of corporate Advocates in several regions and jurisdictions who possess the local knowledge and experience to support you in whatever question you may have regarding the corporate governance and conduct of your business.

Lion Law’s main focus is assuring that Clients are provided with tailor-made practical advice, which considers the context of their businesses and the jurisdictions in which they operate. We, thus, take pride in representing the most diverse, multinational economic groups in their distinct areas and jurisdictions.

Lion Law providing multiple business services to foreign companies wishing to establish or engage in any business activity in India and/or establish a business presence in India.

Our firm provides a broad spectrum of Business facilitation services. These include the following

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