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Consumer Law

In a leading market where there is a huge amount of competition where money means power individuals and the consumer often get treated unfairly, however, the Consumer Protection Act, 2019 empowers the consumer and makes them a King. Which is enforced through the appropriate consumer protection forums.

Lion Law LLP has experienced advocates on the PAN India level for the protection of your rights and does practice consumer protection law in District, State, and also in National Consumer Disputes Resolution Commission.

Lion Law LLP Assists the various consumer disputes on the following

  • Flat/Home not Delivered Dispute with builders for the possession of your Flat/Home or amenities/structure/area not as promised to be delivered.
  • False Advertising False advertising for the product/services you paid for and not as specimen/features described in the advertisement.
  • Online Misleading Information Misleading information about any product on any of the E-Commerce platform.
  • Paid More Than MRP The Product sold above MRP of the product.

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