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Personal Debt Recovery

Many of us think of debt collection as something that only businesses and contractors must deal with. But of course, this simply isn’t the case. Sometimes, individuals make loans and are owed money, be they to businesses or other people, and have trouble securing repayment.

Returned Cheque Litigation

Cheque bounce is a criminal offense in India, covered under section 138 of the Negotiable Instruments Act. The following information will act as a useful guide in what steps can be undertaken in case your cheque is bounced:

Once the cheque has been returned by the bank, then before filing a legal complaint against the drawer, you must, with the help of our Advocate, first, send a demand letter/ legal notice to such drawer within a period of 30 days from the date the cheque has been returned to you by the bank. The letter must demand the amount from the drawer and the legal action that can be initiated against him under the Negotiable Instruments Act in case the amount is not paid within a stipulated time period (usually 15 days).

If you have returned a cheque and received a notice you would need to talk to one of our Advocates, who’ll be able to tell you your options.

Returned Cheque Litigation

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