Debt Restructuring, Settlement & Negotiation

Lion Law LLP Debt Restructuring, Settlement and Negotiation

Debt Restructuring, Settlement & Negotiation

Its also called Debt relief or debt adjustment is the process of resolving delinquent debt for far less than the amount you owe by promising the lender a substantial lump sum payment depending upon your financial situation

Lion Law LLP has a team of advocates who are well versed with the negotiation skills to settle the debt of Individual or corporate clients. Lion Law LLP has successfully restructured and settled many accounts for our clients both an Individual and also corporate clients.

The services offered by Lion Law LLP are as follows

  • Corporate Restructuring The body corporate whether it may be a Big size company or MSME are usually stressed due to the losses suffered in the business and at the other side there are many loans on the head of the companies wherein they may approach respective Banks/NBFC’s to opt for One Time Restructure as per the RBI guidelines and regulation updated time to time.
  • Settlement In the process of settlement you may need to pay a lump sum amount for your loam due instead of EMI/Installment.

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