Intellectual Property Rights (IPR)

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Intellectual Property Rights (IPR)

What do you understand when you first read the above mentioned term i.e. intellectual property rights? It will definitely give you the idea that it’s a right to protect your intelligence, your skill, your innovation.

The most well-known types are where we provide our services are

  • Copyright The copyright registration will protect your authorship and/or creativity, which protects your cinematographic, musical and sound creation, Literary, etc.
  • Patent The patent registration will protect your inventions which may be your unique idea, Device, Machine, etc.
  • Trademark The trademark registration protects your brand, your brand could be signified by your brand name, logo, sound, etc.
  • Trade Secrets The trade secrets could be your unique Design, Recipe, Formula, etc. which could be protected from your competitors.
  • IRS Dispute There can arise disputes for any of your Intellectual Property like third-party infringement, counterfeiting of product matters, domain name disputes, etc

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