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SingleDebt helps you to customize your EMI as per your Income and enables you to pay your Debt efficiently with our Debt Management Plan.

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At SingleDebt, we provide a comprehensive debt solution designed to shield you from creditor harassment and recovery agents while offering tailored strategies to manage and repay all your debts within a manageable monthly income. Our mission is to prioritize your financial well-being by providing legal assistance when necessary and supporting you throughout the process, allowing you to concentrate on the essential aspects of life.

Unlike creditors who solely focus on collecting the money owed to them without considering your unique circumstances, at SingleDebt, we place our customers at the forefront. We work closely with you to develop a personalized debt solution plan that aligns with your specific requirements. Join the growing community of thousands of satisfied customers who have successfully achieved freedom from debt with our assistance.

Experience the peace of mind that comes with SingleDebt’s packaged debt solution. Say goodbye to creditor harassment and embrace a brighter financial future.

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How SingleDebt Works ?

1. Enroll Now

Enroll with us by simply filling the Registration Form

2. Debt Free Counselling

We have professional debt counsellors that will evaluate your situation and provide the best possible solution

3. Affordabler Monthly EMI​

Lower your monthly EMI's that is affordable for you based on your disposable income.

6. Debt Free Life

Get on board with us to become debt free

5. Legal Assistance

We will provide Professional Legal Support

4. Stop Creditor Harassment

We will Stop Creditor Harassment and act as a shield for you


SingleDebt helps you to customize your EMI’s as per your Income and let you to pay your Debt efficiently with our Debt Management Plan.

For Example: Earlier you were earning 40,000 and paying your EMI – 10,000 after all the Expenses. But due to some factors / reasons you are unable to pay your EMI’s and now you only get 5,000 left after all the Expenses. So with SingleDebt you can pay your EMI according to your Income / Convenience.

No Harassment Calls

We will Stop the Harassment Calls from Creditor's & Redirect to us.

No Recovery Agent at your Door

We will Restrict to the Creditor's to visit your Home/Office.

Pay EMI’s according to your convenience

With SingleDebt you can pay your EMI's according to your Income

Legal Support

Our Experienced Lawyers will always there for you & respond to all your Creditor's notices

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I am really happy with SingleDebt service. After I started using their service, they are helping me in managing the creditors call, legal emails and handling the dues. I want to specially mention my account manager Ashi Sheikh and all the team members from Paralegal team..they have been outstanding. Thank you team for all the efforts..much appreciated.
Gautam Chaini
7 Days ago
I would like to thank all the members of Single Debt who work closely with the customer and answer their calls. They are doing good job and inform creditors regarding how payments will be managed and paid.Till now excellent services provided and I expect the same in future.Thank you SingleDebt for your support and guidance till and keep up the good work.
Naveen Jamalpur
4 Weeks ago
I am a SingleDebt customer since July 2023. This is an early review but so far I have experienced a smooth process and I can say that to this date I am getting numerous calls from creditors but they are handling the calls on my behalf. My account manager Sapna & other Paralegal team members are quick to respond that is indeed a god thing.
Sushmita Kumari
4 Weeks ago


If you have defaulted on a payment then your credit score will already have been affected. As your creditors will receive regular payments from the plan, this will reflect on your credit report which in turn will help improve your score over time. It is important that you keep up with the repayments on the plan as your creditors will be keeping a close eye on regularity of your payments.

Your credit report may reflect that you are on repayment plan, although some creditors may not register it. With regular payments, your credit score will improve, it is important that the plan is maintained on time every month.

For your repayment plan to have optimum affect, all unsecured debts should be included on the plan. This allows you to free up as much disposable income as possible to pay off your creditors. Our aim is to get you out of debt as quickly as possible.

Each plan is tailored to your requirements. We make sure you have enough income to cover your essential bills, like rent, food, utility bills, medical and travel expenses, the money you have left over (disposable income) will be set aside to pay back your creditors every month.

We would love to speak to you to understand your financial circumstance, simply contact to us or fill the online register form and one of our debt advisors will be in touch.