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Media & Entertainment

The advent of new technologies and their rapid development subsequently has changed the landscape of the media and entertainment sector deeming the sector as one of the fastest-growing sectors globally. Print, Broadcast, Digital, OTT have culminated themselves as a vast and versatile economic empire. However, the sector faces a lot of legal hurdles in the name of IPR and Cyber Laws to name a few.

Lion Law LLP is well equipped to advise various Media and Entertainment Companies in issues such as Intellectual Property Rights, Cyber Law, Contract Negotiation, Mergers and Acquisition, Formation of New Media Entities, Employment Issues, etc.

Lion Law LLP Assists the various Media Companies and Firms on the following

  • Assisting in setting up entertainment entities such as the company structure, compliance requirements under all Governmental and Regulatory Authorities, trademark registration, and dispute resolution to various production houses, Film Studios, TV Channels.
  • Assists in Registration and Protection of Copyrights.
  • Consulting Negotiation, Vetting, and Drafting of Distribution Agreements for films, television, and new media.
  • Representing Clients in Copyright and Entertainment Litigation, Defamation and Contempt Litigation and Mediation and Arbitrations.
  • Drafting and Negotiating various commercial contracts including deal memos, option, and purchase agreements, distribution agreements, exhibition agreements, production and finance agreements, licensing and assignment agreements, and all kinds of media contracts.
  • Advising on Real Estate, Corporate, Labour, and Employment Issues.

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